Somerset Christian School unveiled a brand new technology lab recently – a first-of-its-kind in Kentucky lab that will help teach students integrated skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The SmartLab, as it is called, has 12 stations with a two-person setup at each station so that students can learn how to complete projects from the ground up, explained SmartLab Facilitator Megan Conner. The lab projects can include learning how to graphically design a logo from the very beginning, how to build things like a robot or a hydrogen car, or be introduced to circuitry by creating a snap circuitry set. Conner said the goal was to help teach students some of the “lost arts” that modern day technology has dulled. Conner said the lab was purchased from Creative Learning Systems, and both she and Creative Learning Systems’ Mike Mitchell said it was the first lab installed in the state of Kentucky. Ron Gleaves, SCS’s principal, said one of the goals of the school is to be able to partner with as many other entities – local high schools and colleges – as possible. This lab is another way they can do that, he said. “This opens up so many avenues for us as a school,” Gleaves said, adding that having a lab such as this in a rural community was a blessing from God.