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Facebook Live Pour Painting Demo with Ashley Epperson
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2022 AT 2 PM – 3 PM

LCAA: Lake Cumberland Art Association

211 South Main Street
Somerset, Kentucky 42501

Come join us live as we do something that we have not done yet. Ashley
Epperson has agreed to come do some of her pour paintings live in our
studio every Wednesday. We will be videotaping her live as she
demonstrates her techniques and the types of paint and colors that she is
using. We will see her success as she pours them and get to cheer her on.
For Ashley, this is stepping out of her comfort zone as she has never
painted live in front of an audience but she is willing to share her artistic
talent with the world and give pointers on the things she has learned along
the way of how she has gotten some of her paintings done.
If you would like to watch her more personally, then you are welcome to
come into the studio for a $5.00 charge where it can be more interactive
and you are free to ask her questions along with being more involved in the
All revenues will go into the store to help us buy products for the store and
to help us pay the bills. None of our volunteers receive payment for their
services. Ashley will be doing this for the love of art and to help others
benefit from what she has learned.

However, the finished product will go for sale in the gallery after it dries and
is. sealed. When it is sold, it will go on her wall that is commissioned and
she will make a percent of the sold painting.
We hope to have many of you tune in for these broad casts. It is our goal to
have them every Wednesday so be watching for them in the event section
and every Wednesday after noon in our newsfeed live at 2:00pm.

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