Located off University Drive …. DIY Supply Inc. has a unique relationship with major manufacturers to purchase special-buy appliances, such as last year’s models, factory overruns, close-outs, out-of-carton, or those with slight cosmetic imperfections, by the truckload. Owner Jon Roberts can then sell these appliances to you at an incredible value. With quality products and an impressive inventory that changes daily, customers benefit not only from the incredible selection, but also unrivaled, specialized customer service. Whether you are a frugal consumer looking for quality special-buy appliances, or a price-conscious consumer looking for a new, innovative appliance, DIY Supply Inc. is the SMART choice. For more info, please call Jon at 606-425-1782.

DIY Supply Inc.
480 East University Drive, #5
Somerset, KY 42501

Located across the street from Pulaski County High School …. next to Crossfit Ignis & Phoenix Wellness.