Performance Foodservice-Somerset

Performance Foodservice-Somerset

910 KY-461 Somerset KY


Contact Person: Jason Goodman

Yes, we deliver more than 125,000 food and food-related products to 85,000 customer locations from our 24 broad-line and 10 specialty distribution locations, but that’s not all.

Everything we do is to serve the people on the front lines of foodservice. We enable those who think “impossible” is a good reason to try something. We work to keep the people who find their purpose in early mornings, late nights, elbow grease, and the occasional fryer burn on the road to Michelin ratings. We aren’t just in the delivery business; we’re in the success business. We do everything we can to help each of our customers become a crazy, line-out-the-door success.

Of course this means delivering your order on time, helping you find the best products, and offering custom services that bring you the freshest custom meats, produce, seafood and cheeses. And, it means sourcing our own exclusive brands with a range of products, from imported-from-Italy pasta to value-priced cleaning supplies, each of which has been hand-selected to meet your needs.

It doesn’t stop there, though. At Performance Foodservice, “service” means bringing you fresh ideas for your business with chefs who work as consultants, trainers who can sharpen your business skills, and marketing consultants who make your business sound as good as your food tastes. We’re here to help you succeed while you focus on what you do best.

It also means bringing you technical innovations so you can place orders easily and stay on top of your operation wherever you go, whether it’s covering for a host who called in sick on a busy night or cheering from the front row of your son’s soccer game. It’s keeping you up to speed on the latest food trends, recipes and business tips through our digital and print publications, as well as our websites.

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