Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Corbin KY

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Corbin KY

900 West 18th Street Corbin KY


Contact Person: Samantha Schuhmann

Pepsi Cola Bottling of Corbin is proud to be a family owned business serving Southeastern Kentucky since 1938.  It all started when Jack and Kathryn Day moved from Falmouth, KY in 1937 to Corbin to make a line of fruit flavored drinks called Day’s Sparkling Beverages.  The Days then purchased the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company franchise in 1938.  Pepsi of Corbin has always taken pride in the quality of the product they produce and the service that they provide their communities.  The company has received several awards for quality excellence including the 2007 President’s Award and the 2015 Caleb Bradham Platinum Award.  Pepsi Cola of Corbin and Somerset love and appreciate the 10 counties that they service.  Our company is made of up of dedicated men and women who strive to be the best each and every day.


Pepsi Corbin can service all your beverage needs. Whether large or small, Pepsi Corbin can offer the equipment and services essential to providing you with preferred beverage choices. With 20 brands of soft drinks, we offer more than 100 varieties of flavor preferences.


At Pepsi Corbin we offer more than 100 varieties of flavor preferences.  From full sugar, low sugar to no sugar, check out our lineup of internationally preferred sodas – Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Dr Pepper, 7UP,  Crush, Mug, local favorite Ale-8-One, Aquafina water. As well as, specialty flavored and enhanced waters like Sobe Lifewater, and Propel; the iconic Gatorade and G2 flavors in isotonics; requested energy drinks such as Amp and RockStar; and the #1 kids’ drink, Fruit Shoot. We also have specialty coffee drinks by Starbucks; varieties of Lipton Teas, Muscle Milk and so much more!

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