Lumber King

Lumber King

30 Lumber King Drive Somerset Kentucky


Contact Person: Don Gregory

“Lumber is lumber, right?” This is a common misconception. Many lumber products are commodities, common run of the mill materials supplied by most lumberyards. At Lumber King we take pride in our quality. We buy only premium quality building products, purchased from the best suppliers. Each of our yards carries a complete inventory of products you can be proud of to complete any job, no matter how large or small. Whether you are adding a deck, building a custom dream home, or completing a commercial project Lumber King has the products you need in stock to complete your project. Lumber is lumber, right? Not at Lumber king.
By combining Lumber King’s premium quality products with our entire team’s support, we will help you increase your bottom line. Our knowledgeable estimators can provide you with the most complete and accurate take off lists in the industry, giving your projects a fast, high quality start. Our premium products reduce waste on the job site, saving you money on unusable material and construction time. Let our sales staff measure your foundations and schedule deliveries according to your framing schedule. Having the materials you need when you need them can build your profits by reducing production time and minimizing losses due to theft, weather exposure, and the fragile nature of some materials. Our salesmen make regular site visits to help you recognize your needs in advance. Our yard personnel are trained to load your materials in the order you will use them and our experienced drivers will place your orders where you need them on the job site. Let our superior service and products help you succeed on your next project. Lumber is lumber, right? Not at Lumber King.

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