Lake Cumberland Performing Arts

Lake Cumberland Performing Arts

2292 South Hwy 27 Somerset, KY 42501


Contact Person: Cecelia Carroll & Melody Moss

The programs are offered to the community through two series of performances presented in partnership with The Center for Rural Development. School Time Theatre is targeted toward students and the performances are selected for quality and educational value. We strive to offer a varied season so that every age range has an appropriate show. On average, approximately 5,000 students are bused to The Center annually from up to 17 counties. Center Stage offers a variety of programming to the general public. Genres include drama, musicals, dance, orchestral, vocal, and variety shows such as acrobats and illusion. The programs reach members of the community, both adults and children, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience this type of cultural and theatrical programming. The pricing for all of the performances is highly affordable for comparable, and sometimes identical, programming offered in surrounding areas such as Lexington. In addition, Lake Cumberland Performing Arts partners with The Center for Rural Development to present a year-round visual arts program that features artwork by local and regional artists. This program gives artists a venue to showcase their talent and provides an opportunity for everyone who visits The Center to enjoy the beautiful artwork.

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