Kingsford Manufacturing Company

Kingsford Manufacturing Company

PO Box 4521 Burnside KY


Contact Person: Sherrie Childers

Today, Kingsford converts more than one million tons of wood waste into briquets every year, making Kingsford Products Company the leading manufacturer of charcoal in the United States. Our charcoal—from the Kingsford Original briquets you grew up with to premium varieties used by competitive cooks—has become synonymous with authentic grilling, good food and most importantly, good times.

We’re proud to say that Kingsford Charcoal has been made in the USA, with 100% North American Ingredients, for nearly a century. It’s why passionate outdoor cooks across the country trust nothing but Kingsford to fuel their fire.
Real charcoal flames. Real wood smoke. Real fire-grilled flavor.

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