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Greater Cincinnati is Chilitown USA, and Cincinnati-style Chili is its official hometown dish. Here in Chilitown, the history, tradition and appreciation of Cincinnati-style Chili would not be what it is today without Gold Star Chili. Here’s the short story on how Gold Star Chili became a household name and the preferred brand of so many Chilitown citizens, and why since 1965, Gold Star Chili has been The Flavor of Cincinnati.

In 1965, the four Daoud brothers made good on their Great American Dream of owning a successful business. Working odd jobs and attending college, the brothers scraped together $1,200 and combined it with cash advances on vending machines to buy their first restaurant, Hamburger Heaven in the Mt. Washington neighborhood. Included with the restaurant was a recipe for Cincinnati-style chili. With much tinkering and reformulation of the recipe, the brothers settled on what has become one of Cincinnati’s classic tastes.

To this day, the spice blend that gives Gold Star Chili its unique flavor is a closely guarded secret that remains within the family. The brothers created a product to exacting specifications and perfected its preparation and in doing so, created one of Cincinnati’s most iconic brands.

Proven time and again in blind taste-tests to be Greater Cincinnati’s best tasting chili, Gold Star Chili continues to be a favorite location to enjoy the Cincinnati chili tradition and can be found throughout, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Gold Star also operates concessions at Paul Brown Stadium, Children’s Hospital, and at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. It is the patronage of our customers and the hard work of our franchisees and associates that have helped make Gold Star Chili successful. The Daoud families thank you.

Cincinnati is Chilitown USA and Gold Star Chili is The Flavor of Cincinnati!

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