Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank

1850 South Highway 27 Somerset KY


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Citizens Bank of Brodhead was organized in December, 1904 by a group of prominent citizens from the community. The following January the bank was launched with J. Thomas Cherry as president.

After several years of success in varying degrees, attended by the growing pains which frequently beset young business organizations, The Citizens Bank came under the leadership and guidance of a new Cashier, Mr. A. M. Hiatt, a young man who had already served his two-year apprenticeship as Assistant Cashier of the institution.

From the year 1910, when Mr. Hiatt assumed the responsibilities of his new charge, the Citizens Bank enjoyed a steady and ever-increasing growth until it had an enviable reputation and standing among the financial institutions of Southeastern Kentucky.

In 1936 Mr. Hiatt became President, relinquishing his title of Cashier to Mr. R. C. Anderson, who had served as Assistant Cashier since 1921. Other bank officials were O. R. Cass as Vice-President, W. S. Cass and R. C. Anderson, Directors; Miss Tula Kincer, Bookkeeper, and Miss Lucille Owens, Secretary

Upon Mr. Hiatt’s retirement in the 1950s, Mr. W. S. Cass became President. He held this office for eight years. His term in office ended with the appointment of Mr. R. C. Anderson, who remained President until his death in March, 1979.

Mr. Anderson was devoted to his work, his people, and his community. He worked many long hours and was a kind and gentle man. During his tenure in office there were many changes in the banking industry, as well as changes in the banking facility. The bank was moved to a new facility in 1962 from the old, much renovated location it had occupied for 58 years. Mr. Anderson kept his desk at a central location in the lobby so he could be accessible to the people. He never occupied the office built for him in the new bank. He was beloved by patrons and employees alike. He led the bank to bursts of growth and expansion so phenomenal it became well-known in banking circles for its fairness and aggressiveness.

In June, 1973 the bank was robbed by two long-haired, bearded men. Most of the $72,000 taken in the robbery was later recovered when the two robbers were captured. Bank employees were locked in the vault during the robbery, but were released unharmed.

After working side-by-side with Mr. Anderson for many years, Mr. Bobby A. Proctor, a current member of the Board of Directors, became President in 1979 upon the death of Mr. Anderson.

Renovations and additional office space were completed in August, 1985. A branch office was opened in Mount Vernon in July, 1988, which now serves as the bank’s main office.

Mr. Proctor retired in June, 1997, and Mr. Keith Smith assumed the duties of President. The current President is Mr. Corey C. Craig, who took office in July, 2004. Current Board members are Mr. Ted R. Frith, Mr. Bobby Proctor, Mr. Joe Young, Mr. Sam Ford, Mr. Willis Coffey, Mr. Paul Stropkay and Mr. Corey Craig.

Customer needs are still the ultimate goal for the bank’s employees. All employees strive to achieve customer satisfaction by adhering to the policies set forth by the Board of Directors.

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