Amish & More Country Store, LLC

Amish & More Country Store, LLC

585 North Highway 27 Somerset, KY 42503


Contact Person: Melinda Godbey

We want to provide quality foods and items that you wouldn’t normally get at your mainstream chain grocers. The nostalgic and friendly environment takes you back to yesteryear to Grandmother’s kitchen, good food, and baking. The aromas of bread and spices are welcoming to all….

We have blended two areas at Amish & More:

First, and mostly we have Amish style foods that are common to the bulk/Amish stores. You will find all kinds of baking goods, specialty baking items, lots of fresh spices, jams, jellies, lots of healthy and wholesome style foods, unique items, cookbooks, baskets, ear candles, Unkers products, really (really) good candies, cheeses, hand rolled butter, and lots, lots more!

Next, we have a blend of restaurant items which consist of frozen and dry foods that you aren’t able to buy at your typical grocery, and also restaurant disposables (plates, cups, etc.).

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