A Bazaar Universe

A Bazaar Universe

214 E. Mt. Vernon Street Somerset KY


Contact: Jade Ellis

Greetings from A Bazaar Universe! Where you never know what you’re going to find! We began vending music festivals in 2011 and continued till the pandemic turned the world upside down and all our beloved shows went away. Since then we’ve opened two brick-and-mortar shops! Our Somerset Store is located at 214 E. Mt Vernon Street in beautiful downtown. In addition to our vintage and upcycled clothing, our shops host art and wears from many of our artist and vendor friends. From crystals and jewelry to lotions and candles it’s a super bazaar. When we vend at music festivals everything is still upcycled. From the clothing, we sell, to the hangers and racks, and even the tents we set up – Everything in A Bazaar Universe is recycled. We do not import or have anything manufactured from new materials. We carry a plethora of wearable art, handmade by Jade and Delia from recycled fabrics. We also sell Upcycled, Repurposed, Repaired, Gently Loved, and Vintage clothing and accessories for ALL shapes, sizes, and genders. At our shops and on the road, We provide an experience in which people are supported in expressing themselves through unique fashion while encouraging environmental awareness.

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