From Our Executive Director

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to the 2021 Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Virtual Awards Banquet. This is our region’s premier business event where we celebrate the successes of our business community over the past year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted our business community, and we are all working hard to recover. Our organization has continued to evolve and grow with the generous support of our communities, sponsors, members and volunteers.

The world seemed to turn upside down in 2020. However, these events spurred the Chamber to use an innovative, outside-the-box approach to re-think its vision and provide more value than ever for our local business community.

Along those lines, we have decided to hold our banquet virtually this year as current guidelines will not allow us to hold our traditional event. Although different, I believe this year’s banquet has the possibility to be viewed by thousands instead of hundreds of people.

On behalf of the Chamber, I cannot thank you enough for your support over the last twelve months. Brighter days are ahead and as we work to recover, the Chamber will be there every step of the way helping our local business community.


Bobby Clue
Executive Director
Somerset-Pulaski Co. Chamber of Commerce

Video From Our Chamber President

2021 Board Members

Matt Ford
Matt FordIncoming President
Ford Brothers Auctioneers
Weichert Realty
Tiffany Finley
Tiffany Finley 1st Vice President
Shawn Daugherty
Shawn Daugherty2nd Vice President
Citizens National Bank
Troy Lovell
Troy LovellOutgoing President
East Kentucky Power Cooperative
Lisa Phelps
Lisa Phelps
Transamerica Agency Network
Hunt Prather
Hunt Prather
Mellow Mushroom Restaurant
Jimmy Franklin
Jimmy Franklin
Impact Collision Center
Terri Tuttle
Terri Tuttle
Baxter’s Coffee
Matt Washam
Matt Washam
First & Farmers National Bank
Laura Glover
Laura Glover
The Center for Rural Development
Dr. Bruce Gover
Dr. Bruce Gover
Somerset Community College
Robert Parker
Robert Parker
Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital
Charlotte Keeney
Charlotte Keeney
Pulaski County Public Library
Sherrie Childers
Sherrie Childers
Kingsford Manufacturing
Pat Richardson
Pat Richardson
Superintendent of PC Schools
Chief William Hunt
Chief William Hunt
Somerset PD
Donnie Slagle
Donnie Slagle
Toyotetsu (TTAI)
Ken Simmons
Ken Simmons
Lisa Evans
Lisa Evans

History of the Chamber

As long as commerce has existed, traders have banded together for common protection against enemies, to govern the conduct of trade, and later to exert influence on legislation. In the United States, early chambers promoted the sale of goods, organized markets, made and enforced rules of trade, protected goods in transit, and even operated their own trading floors. But, their activities were limited to those directly connected with commerce.

The Somerset-Pulaski Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1925 for the soul purpose of advancing the business of Somerset. Mr. Ralph Hill was the first president and soon it was obvious that a group of business men had a stronger voice than individuals standing in the woods alone.

As the Chamber advanced, the Somerset Chamber realized there were many other businesses that wanted to partner with them that were not located in the city, so the decision was made to include any business that was located in Pulaski County as well as Somerset.

There is a 19 member Board of Directors that makes up the policies for the Chamber of Commerce. This is a total volunteer board. The Chamber hires an Executive Director who carries out the policies and takes care of the day-to-day activities of the Chamber of Commerce. Currently, there are over 900 members in the Somerset-Pulaski Chamber of Commerce.

World Class Sponsors

Chairman Circle Sponsors

Ambassador Circle Sponsors

Past Chamber Presidents

Ralph E. Hill 1925

E.H. Patton 1926

V.D. Roberts 1937

W.H. Ramsey Sr. 1938

M.E. Burton 1939

Alonzo Carter 1940

W.H. Ramsey Jr. 1941

George A. Joplin Jr. 1942

H.W. Cain 1943

M.E. Graybeal 1944

J.T. Wilson 1945

R.G. Williams 1946

Austin Brinegar 1947

Sam C. Kennedy 1948

Dr. J.F. White 1949

M.N. Berry 1950

Chester Copeland 1951

Frank Ellis 1952

R.B. Waddle 1953

Ira Yeary 1954

Harold D. Strunk 1955

Jack Goldenberg 1956

Victor Sams 1957

Mike Layman 1958

Barnett Eldridge 1959

Paul Hughes 1960

Jesse Wilson 1961

Dr. J.K. Cross 1962

Glen Neikirk 1963

Kenneth G. Whitaker 1964

Mike Layman 1965

Carlos LaFavors 1966

Robert J. Haney 1967

Harold D. Rogers 1968

Charlie Bell 1969

Toby Rendlemen 1970

Dr. Roscoe D. Kelley 1971

Steven J. Fischer 1972

Kenneth C. Bean 1973

Herman Schoolcraft 1974

Cy Waddle 1975

Alton E. Blakely 1976

T.B. Grissom Jr. 1977

Ronald W. Coldiron 1978

J. Allen Brown 1979

John T. Mandt 1980

James B. Ramsey 1981

Frank B. Barker 1982

Michael W. Smith 1983

Oscar Hornsby, Jr. 1984

Reed C. Hall 1985

G. Nolan Kenner 1986

Judy Burdine 1987

Roland New 1988

Don Hampton 1989

Mike Whitaker 1990

H.R. ‘Butch” Tyson 1991

Jack Evans 1992

Mike Simpson 1993

Martin Shearer 1994

John Nelson 1995

Susan Wilson 1996

Walt Williams 1997

Mike LaFavers 1998

Brenda Peckinpaugh 1999

Sharon Wheeldon 2000

Ann Zwick 2001

A.C. Donahue 2002

Don Bloomer 2003

Mike Tarter 2004

Teresa Hail 2005

Mark Ross 2006

Jack Wilhelm 2007

Allen Anderson 2008

Charles Coldiron 2009

Cathy Epperson 2010

Mike Chandler 2011

Doug Parkey 2012

Leah Taylor 2013

Chris Girdler 2014

Megan Damron 2015

Mark Brenzel 2016

Seth Atwell 2017

Daniel Cheshire 2018

Linda Skaarup 2019

Troy Lovell 2020

A special “shout out” to Dustin Fenison and Ramin Zangeneh for spending an incredible amount of time and effort in providing video production services for the 2021 Virtual Banquet. Their effort and talents are appreciated very much by The Chamber and business owners alike. For more information, contact Live Fish Productions at

We’d also like to give a special “thank you” to The Center for Rural Development for developing and delivering our brand new website and virtual banquet landing page for this year’s event! The Chamber appreciates The Center’s hard work and dedication in helping make this year’s virtual banquet a reality. For more information about The Center for Rural Development and its services, contact Laura Glover at or visit