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Eastern Welding Supply Co was founded in 1946 by W.O. Newell. While serving as  a pilot in WWII, Newell recognized the need for oxygen and acetylene in industrial applications and brought home a vision.  On August 21st 1946, Eastern Welding Supply Co opened it’s doors for the first time in Somerset Kentucky.

In 1978, J.W. Gleason was brought on-board to supervise our rapidly growing company. Under his leadership, Eastern Welding Supply became a trusted supplier throughout Kentucky.

As helium became scarce and retail stores were cut off from supply, Gleason positioned his company to meet the demands of the balloon industry while keeping costs to a minimum. Eastern Welding Supply now distributes our products across most of the eastern states and online.  Our goal is to continue to support our customers and our community the same way we have been doing it for over 65 years.


Our Address:

2453 Monticello Road, Somerset, KY 42501