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At Eagle Heights Church…

We actively seek to love and engage all types of people from all types of backgrounds. Every story matters at EHC. We welcome all types of people regardless of your church experience.
At our church, we believe Jesus is Lord. That single belief calls us together as a community and gives us hope and purpose. At our church, your past will never define your future, which means there is always redemption and always a brighter day. We don’t believe we are better than other churches, we’re just doing our best to be our best for God. We are not against people who don’t attend church, in fact, we pursue them with the very same love that pursues us…God’s love. If you’re looking for the perfect church, we’re not it. We will make mistakes, but we will choose to grow from them. We believe the resurrection really happened, and because of that, we believe anything is possible.

Welcome to our church!

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