Summit Meat Processing

Summit Meat Processing

244 Ware Road Science Hill KY


Contact Person: Kyle Turpen

By partnering with local farm families, we can offer the freshest, highest quality, meats with direct traceability back to its home farm. Our goal is to offer 100% quality in custom-processing, as well as USDA inspected meats to our local and surrounding areas.  We operate with customer service and satisfaction as our number one priority and will not settle for less. We will take the time to find out what the customer needs and wants and make sure we deliver exactly that.

The focus we place on excellent customer service and satisfaction is what sets us apart from other processors. If issues ever arise with our products, no matter how minor, we want to know and you have our promise that it will be addressed immediately.

Honesty and integrity are two principals that we have formed our everyday operation around. We will process, package, and deliver the exact amount of meat that a customer is due and no one will receive any “other” individual’s meat. We ensure this happens with our attention to detail and our thorough carcass documentation system

Committed to promoting health, sustainability, family and our collective future.

Also has Epic Meats food truck!

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