Rebuilding A Nation, Inc.

Rebuilding A Nation, Inc.

PO Box 1734 Somerset KY


Contact Person: Makeda Mulugeta

Rebuilding A Nation was born out of years of prayer and a desire to contribute in some way to the enormous needs that exist in the country of the founders origin, Ethiopia. Makeda and Zewdu’s desire to provide educational opportunities for children in Ethiopia were born, in great part, from their experience of raising three daughters in America. Makeda and Zewdu did their best to expose their children to all educational resources possible, including public libraries, nature centers, museums, parks, and zoos. Thanks to the early educational interventions and stimulation their children received, Makeda and Zewdu began to notice how much their daughters loved learning, reading, and exploring the world around them. They saw firsthand how the interventions they implemented, along with hard work and dedication, led their children to some of the best schools in the country.

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