Fleming Wellness Center

Fleming Wellness Center

201 South Richardson Drive, Somerset KY


Contact Person: Adam Flemming

My philosophy is that God has given us all the resources that we need to be healthy. However, often we just don’t know exactly what they are. When combining herbs with modern technology we can tap into exactly what will balance your body naturally and quickly. We want you to live a full and productive life, free from the things that can make you sick or tired.

When you walk in the door we want you to feel at ease and that someone cares. We may ask you some questions that may not seem to be related to the problems you are having. When a sophisticated machine like your body breaks down, some other parts of the body will often malfunction. It is amazing to see people with chronic incurable diseases be helped by just fixing the gut, among other things. That is why we take a whole, holistic approach to healing. We assist the body so that the body can eliminate parasites, viruses, but also deal with emotional issues. When taking this whole, holistic approach we deal with the whole person, not just your symptoms. That is what makes us unique among the rest. The famous herbalist, Dr. John R. Christopher said, There are no incurable diseases, only incurable patients. How true that is!

If you have been told there is no hope, DON’T BELIEVE IT! We believe that it is NOT the doctors vs. the herbalists. Some health problems need surgery to get relief, while other problems require high potency medicines to be administered by a doctor. But often, safe herbal remedies can be given so that the body can heal itself. More often than not, it is a combination of more than one system of healing that can bring about total and lasting relief. That is why we say, what we provide is a complementary approach to healing.

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