yea_logo1About the Academy

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy is a year-long 21-week after school program that takes a group of select, ambitious, and motivated students through the process of launching and running their very own real businesses or social movements.  These aren’t simulations – student just like you are making tens of thousands of dollars from their own new businesses, or creating change around powerful social causes, from childhood obesity, to social progress in India!

How the Academy Works

This Academy is not like a typical class.  Instead, students learn how to launch a business or social movement in a fun way through a local entrepreneur instructor, professional guest speakers, a CEO Roundtable, trips to local innovative companies, and more.  From writing your own business plans with your business mentors, to pitching your plans live on a stage to secure real funding, this exciting class has been the best decision many students like you have ever made.  At the end of the year, all YEA! students get their own booth at the Trade Show event to market their new products and services to the community for the first time and make their first sales!  And, after graduation, students can continue operating their profitable businesses for years in the future.

Kinds of Students Who Excel in the Academy

Many people often ask, “what kinds of students excel in this program?” and “do you have to have business experience?”  The answer is no.  No business experience is necessary, and a wide variety of students succeed in the YEA! program.  Students who have a particular passion or interest – from sports and music to fashion and baking, have created great enterprises.  Other students who excel are those who have an idea for an invention.  And finally, a number of the most successful YEA! students had no idea what business they wanted to start, but were passionate learning how to accomplish something big.

When Class Meets & How to Apply

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy will meet on Tuesday Evenings from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Somerset Community College.  Classes begin in October and end in April.  If you’d like to apply, simply complete one of our applications and send it in to our office to begin.  Space is limited, so please apply early and ensure a strong application.

For more information, contact the Somerset Pulaski Co Chamber of Commerce at: (606) 679-7323
or one of the YEA! Program Managers:
Delores Dalton                                Chris Lackey
(804) 683-6529                                (606) 219-3605